5 December 2023

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Biden administration appoints aviation climate NGO representative Annie Petsonk to DOT role

Formerly International Counsel for the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), Annie Petsonk has been appointed by the new Biden administration as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs at the US Department of Transportation. Petsonk was at EDF for 25 years working on international climate change policy and representing the NGO at UN climate talks. More recently, she led EDF’s efforts to address the climate impacts from international aviation and represented EDF at ICAO and other international forums.

“Annie Petsonk is the right person, at the right time, to take on the challenge of ensuring that as the aviation industry recovers, it does so with an eye firmly on sustainability, jobs, equity and concern for underserved communities. Annie is an indomitable force. Her tireless, brilliant work at EDF has helped bring about transformational changes in the aviation industry that will benefit the planet and the future of flight,” commented EDF President, Fred Krupp.

“At EDF, Annie led our work on international aviation, including the adoption of a global airline cap on climate emissions from international flights, as well as our push for stronger aircraft pollution limits, and the wider use of sustainable aviation fuels.  

“Importantly, Annie is a compassionate leader who understands both the need for the aviation industry to address its pollution and the reality that there is a global aviation workforce counting on the industry to bounce back, and soon. Reducing aviation emissions requires smart, practical policies, and Annie is just the person to help develop them.”

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