21 May 2024

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Reporting on aviation and the environment

About Us

Launched in November 2007, GreenAir is an online publication dedicated to publishing independent, informative and up-to-the-minute news, features and analysis on current issues surrounding aviation and its impact on climate change and the environment. It has no association with industry, environmental groups or government bodies and so is able to present opinions from all sides of this debate without fear or favour. We take an objective journalistic approach where news and views can be given a single platform. Whether you believe improved aircraft efficiency and alternative energy sources will provide the answer to air transport’s negative contribution to carbon emissions or that air travel expansion must be constrained in the battle against climate change, GreenAir welcomes opinions and, we hope, solutions.  

The remit of GreenAir is to cover a broad spectrum of what we consider to be relevant subject areas, including for example:

● Aircraft GHG emissions
● Technological and operational solutions to reduce emissions and noise
● Sustainable aviation fuels
● Environmental and climate change legislation and regulation
● Market-based measures such as emissions trading and carbon offsetting
● Airport and runway expansion

GreenAir’s coverage includes:
News – Current news from around the world. We have built up an archive of news stories since 2007.
Features & Commentaries – Feature and op-ed articles contributed by respected journalists and leaders in their field.
Events – Listings of relevant conferences, meetings, trade fairs, etc.

We invite contributions from organisations worldwide to submit relevant material for these sections.

GreenAir is published by Greenair Communications and based in London, UK.

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