4 February 2023

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Sustainable Aviation Fuel Supply Chain Initiative
7 February 2023
Leeds, UK

Organised by Innovate UK KTN and in partnership with UK industry group Sustainable Aviation and the UK Department for Transport, this conference will bring together the whole UK SAF supply chain. It will provide information on developments from the Jet Zero Council SAF Delivery Group and technical updates. The event will take place in-person and online.

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Sustainable Aviation Futures MENA Congress
28 February 2023
Dubai, UAE

This one-day, business-driven event will promote the development and adoption of sustainable aviation fuels and solutions to decarbonise the aviation sector, and will bring together airlines, airports, investors and fuel producers in the MENA region. Topics to be explored include: SAF production pathways and project landscape; the role of green hydrogen in aviation decarbonisation; developing carbon neutral airports; airline sustainability strategies; and the development of eVTOL and Urban Air Mobility.

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ESG: Playing Your Part in Sustainable Aviation
29 March 2023
London, UK

Organised by Ishka, this 2nd annual conference will explore how the aviation value chain is working towards common sustainability goals as aviation moves towards decarbonisation. It will explore how the impact of ESG can develop sensible legislation and regulation, produce coherent reporting strategies and gauge investor appetite for the asset class compared with other classes. Topics to be covered include: Creating innovative ways to finance the transition; Achieving growth whilst meeting decarbonisation thresholds; Sustainability leadership; How lessors can build and apply strategies to help decarbonise the industry; How the banking industry is defining and tackling sustainable aviation lending; How OEMs are pivoting to a sustainable future; Aircraft valuations through a sustainability lens; and The advent of low or zero-emission airlines, investing and leasing.

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Sustainable Skies World Summit
17-18 April 2023
Farnborough, UK

Organised by Farnborough International, in partnership with the Sustainable Aviation UK industry coalition, the event will showcase the latest developments in sustainable aviation technology and provide a forum to discuss how the industry can move in earnest from goal-setting to implementation of its net zero strategies. It will feature high-level keynotes and organised meetings with industry and government, designed to stimulate collaboration, promote the role of the future workforce and demonstrate the technology to deliver meaningful progress this decade.

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ICAO Stocktaking on CO2 Emissions
23-25 May 2023
Montreal, Canada

ICAO Pre-3rd Conference on Aviation and Alternative Fuels (CAAF/3)
4-7 July 2023
Montreal, Canada

Aviation Carbon 2023
6-8 November 2023
London, UK

The three-day Aviation Carbon 2023 conference, co-organised by GreenAir, will again be held at the London Heathrow Marriott. The conference was first held in 2012 and brings together airlines, carbon markets, policymakers, environmental groups, investors, the SAF sector and other aviation sustainability stakeholders from around the world. Topics to be covered include Net Zero, CORSIA, Emissions trading, Climate-aligned finance, ESG reporting, Carbon markets, Carbon removals, Aviation Non-CO2, Sustainable aviation fuels, Investment and Government policy. The third day is devoted to Sustainable Aviation Fuels Policy & Investment.

If you are interested in attending or becoming a Partner or Sponsor, please email contact@aviationcarbon.aero

ICAO Conference on Aviation and Alternative Fuels (CAAF/3)
21-27 November 2023
Montreal, Canada (TBC)

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